Friday, January 14, 2011

Collage fun

I almost painted over this effort but a few friends and family have had a look and really like it so I've decided to share it and put it up for sale.
 It's only 32.5cm x 23.5cm so I'm thinking $50. The sides are only 1.5cm deep, and are painted brown.
Owls in detail
 Yes Fleur and I have been having fun but the house is starting to look unloved so....we're off to the beach. Hey, it's school holidays, have to get the priorities right!

Flower painting

I have started to use up some old canvases laying around and when mum presented a photo of a magnificent magnolia her friend had grown it just seemed perfect for this huge canvas. This deep sided canvas is an impressive 80cm x 80cm square. The staples show on the sides so it really needs framing but I've painted them brown for now.

I've used the music score in the background again as I really like this look. Here's an up-close look.
Magnolia in detail

Sunday, January 9, 2011

School holiday painting fun

At last the school holidays have started in earnest and we are back in painting mode. Fleur was inspired first and I was so taken with this colour blue that I asked for her left-over pallet. "Sure, do you want me to mix some more for you?"
It's called "Forest Grove Road"
"Purple bowl"
I had a great time tearing indian papers, stamping and applying texture paste. It's quite a narrow canvas with exact dimensions being 23cm x 70cm, 1.5 deep. I have painted the sides in the blue/green and it's ready to hang.

"Bowl of flowers"
This one has a range of papers glued to the background first, then colours chosen for the painting from that. Lace flowers are glued on and some texture paste accentuates the bowl. I bothered this one for a few days until happy with the contrast. My favourite bit which is hard to see until up close is the music scores under the lily cream paint.

Experimenting with a stamping technique has worked nicely on this giraffe. There's a nice contrast of fun/spontaneous background with the more controlled main character. I sold a similar giraffe painting last year at the markets and have been meaning to have a go at another one but have found it difficult to do one exactly the same. I prefer this one I think.

Fleur gave her masterpiece to her dad for Christmas but I am happy to sell my creations.
Just email if you are interested and I'll think about how to get it to you.
All on canvas and ready to hang, acrylic and mixed media.
Giraffe: $70 (25cm x 61cm and 1.5cm deep)
Bowl of flowers: $150 (48cm x 65cm and 4cm deep)
Purple bowl: $85 (23cm x 70cm and 1.5cm deep)