Friday, April 19, 2013

Vasse Art Award 2013

"Peacock Beauty"
My entry in the Vasse Art Award this year is from my Peacock series. I have used recyled wooden school rulers (thanks Audrey) on a found piece of Jarrah (thanks Alex and Amanda) that has been lightly coated with redgum sap. 

Using old French stamps, photos of the peacock at the Dunsborough animal farm, lace, vintage book pages and found papers, this piece portrays the magnificence of the colours on the male peacock wooing the female. The courting phase is dramatic and majestic but the beauty cannot sustain the relationship.

The Vasse Art Award 2013 started today. I went along last night for a sneak preview and it shows a wonderful array of styles, techniques, size of works and prices. A huge layout again this year with new and established artists participating. Well worth a visit.

Here is a link to the Vasse Art Award website so you can get details to enter your own art next year!

This exhibition runs all this week (20 -27 April), 10am - 3pm, at the Vasse Primary School.

A Peacock Tale

It is a bit of a play on words. "A Peacock Tale".

The story of the beautiful peacock body colours is presented here and surpassed by the majesty of the tail feathers. Using recycled bottle tops to carry the images of the tail feathers, portrays the 'everyday' attitude the peacock seems to have to his own beauty. I have just added this one to the Etsy shop.

The recycled canvas wedges convey my peacock photos taken at the Dunsborough animal farm. They are presented on a piece of Moranti wood that has been lightly coated with redgum sap to give it a gentle gloss. The beads are made from rolled up copies of the photographs of the tail interspersed with vintage faux pearls (thanks Grandma Darnell) and turquoise beads.