Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poetry in art

The 'Silver Princess' sold at the Vasse art exhibition. I was sorry to see it go as I'd spent a lot of time getting it together. Not just painting it but assembling and thinking about what that particular tree means to me. The whole creating process became quite mind consuming. In the middle of the night, these words came to me and I incorporated them into the painting. Each curl of bark is made from a vintage copy of Gulliver's travels with words from the poem glued on, then distressed and painted with sap.
time is written
every curl, every crevise
every crack and every wrinkle
Yes well, I never said I was a poet! I have found since really getting stuck into working on my painting that my cooking has gone downhill, in fact, now I'm a lousy cook. All my mind seems to be taken up with 'cooking up' a new painting idea, or planning ways to get more painting time.