Friday, September 24, 2010

Review of "Flying Lessons: tips + tricks to help your creative biz sour" e-book by Kelly Rae Roberts

I think this e-book helps to answer questions for artists and craft people who are ready to take the next step in their creative business. Some may be established already and happy with sales but ready to move into teaching their special techniques. Some may be ready to create prints out of that special original that deserves to be sold to many. Some may be thinking to start creating at home while working part-time & hitting the market scene with their art. You will know if you are ready for this book.

The book starts by introducing you to your fears of taking that next step, then you are off. Each section offers up information that is sure to give you direction, confidence and motivation.

It answers questions like "How does Kelly Rae Roberts make her prints from originals and what paper and matts does she use?"
"How do I get a company to licence my product and get it into big department stores?"
"Why do I need an online presence in the form of blog, facebook, website etc?"
"How do I manage to market myself and work full-time surrounded by family life?"
This e-book is a comprehensive guide to marketing yourself and your product and having fun along the way. I loved it.

E-books allow you to move through like a traditional book or click links to move forwards/backwards like a website. It has links out to online resources that help support her content. It's all indexed so you can just go to the relevant chapter, or read through from beginning to end as I did. I found it all fascinating.

Kelly Rae tells it in her own style and if you aren't familiar with her work check out her blog. I love that she has created success for herself and stayed true to her own values and style. Her personality shines through in her writing and she's a pleasure to read.

Happy reading!