Monday, July 12, 2010

Collage with embellishments

This was a tearing frenzy of tissue paper and Indian-made silver flecked papers. It was a good way to clear out some anger and frustration. A few days later I revisited this piece and the random tears were taking the shape of a posy of flowers so I continued on with children's metallic glitter glue and pale pink bling and it has turned out quite soft and feminine.

For the 1/2 dozen sparkles I used here I was required to share just as many (and the rest) with Fleur on her artwork. It can be frustrating to part with these little treasures but I try not to be too precious and say "sure you can have some" hoping the novelty will wear off.

When a parcel arrived for her from overseas and out tumbled an array of unusual bling I immediately wanted some for the wands on my fairy cards. Her response to my request was of course "sure mum, you can share some of my bling". Lucky I shared mine in the first place!


  1. Kerry,
    Very nicely done. I like the softness of the lighter pink flowers. Must be the Indian paper?

  2. Thanks Diana. There are two different pale pink papers, one with glittered patterns on it. There is a painting of a pink cat underneath the whole thing that wasn't going well & the colour of that also alters the colours of the papers over the top.