Monday, July 12, 2010

The art of procrastination

I've recently finished reading this wonderful book and haven't accomplished much else. "Pretty little things: collage jewelry, trinkets, keepsakes by Sally Jean Alexander.
Sally Jean's website
If you've still got bits and bobs left over from your other crafts or have a penchant for collecting found objects this book of projects is for you. Especially if you also like working with metal. It offers an enlightening glimpse into the artists world. This book has a beautifully balanced color scheme and wonderful page presentation in photography. You'll be tempted to get messy for sure. The book cover and link to more details are at the bottom of her website.


  1. thank u for the recommendation- sounds like an inspiring one

  2. Thanks for dropping in Kerri. I don't think my review really did the book justice so I will try a little harder with the next book I'm reading. I am making much more of an effort to do little art bits every day after seeing your amazing output of songs. You are very dedicated.

  3. oh, I am soooooooooo good at this art!!
    thanks for following & commenting on my blog
    ~ Sherry