Monday, June 10, 2013

Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival 2013

Past the shallows
The Readers and Writers Festival art exhibition had the theme of "Spinal Tap", asking artists to create an image in response to their favourite book.
I chose "Past the Shallows" by Favel Parrett.
It is an excellent read but not my favourite book. I was extremely moved by the characters in the story and found it really hard to let go of the memory of it in the end. This picture is in response to the sand dune scene near the end where a memorial is created. The quote from the book to mark the scene goes "Old shells, white and ancient, marked the spot".

Well, that did it for me really, this little pencil and acrylic effort helped to sooth the emotions that resulted from this read. I'm very happy to say I met the person who purchased this piece and I know it is loved. I wonder what the Festival will throw at us next year?

'Past the Shallows' is available for loan from the Margaret River Library. You can access their catalogue through their blog.

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