Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New bird species

I've created a new acrylic painting over collaged papers of some wrens in the garden. It has a wine label in the background from Best's Great Western and as the birds are a bit quirky I'm calling them Best Westerns.

I've just added this original canvas to my Etsy shop called Art From The Shed because I'm really happy with it and want to share it. Also because I haven't been very active in my Etsy shop and it's starting to seem a bit stale. I have done some more little canvases 15cm x 15cm and these will be for sale on the Kids Room Art page of Margaret River Stompers. It's a real pleasure doing these collage pieces and I love how the birds end up as individual little characters.
Best Westerns

Best Western close up

Bests label close up


  1. how sweet. that blue stands out so well. really lovely-

  2. love how the same patterns come through on the birds.