Thursday, October 7, 2010

Margaret River Stompers

This is an online advertisement I am making for my sister's website which will be featured on Kelly Rae's blog in November/December. It was fiddlier than I thought but a real pleasure to help her creative business to soar.

Hi, I'm Deb, the face behind Margaret River Stompers. I have always loved bright colors and am happiest when creating colorful combinations for baby shoes. My baby shoes and boots are lovingly handmade to order from my home-based studio and shipped within 2-3 days. Come and check out the full range of funky shoes on my website.
With the help of my daughter and sister I also provide children's T-shirts and kids room art which are all unique items and not mass produced.

**International online sales are welcome**. SHIPPING is AUD $15 for unlimited items purchased for the months of November and December. I would encourage you to get together with friends to share the shipping costs.

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  1. These are great ! I love the colors. On my way to your website.....